How Much Does Bankruptcy Cost?

by Paul R. Tom Basic Bankruptcy Information

We want to give you a true and correct look at your costs for filing a Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Oklahoma. Be aware that many attorneys will advertise or quote you a low price, and then tell you that your costs will be higher because of “your specific situation” or because they don’t include court filing fees or federally mandated counseling fees.

In all cases there is a court filing fee. The United States Bankruptcy Court currently charges a filing fee of $306.00 for Chapter 7 cases and a filing fee of $281.00 for Chapter 13 cases. These fees are in addition to attorney fees and must be paid to the court when your case is filed. In addition to these filing fees, you’ll also have mandatory counseling expenses, both for your “credit counseling” and “financial education” certificates. The government now requires you to complete a “credit counseling course” before we file your petition. Later on, after we file your petition but before you receive your discharge, you must also complete a “financial education course.” Each of these sessions will take you about an hour to complete. You can do both of them either over the phone or on the internet, or in person.  We will tell you when they need to be done and can recommend service providers that meet the federal standards. In addition, if we need to pull a multi-bureau credit report, the fee is $25.00 per person.

The cost for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is $1306, (including the filing fee of $306 to the Court), plus your education courses. Ask us about our payment plans for those who need to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

The cost for a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is $2781, (including the filing fee of $281 to the Court), plus your education courses. Of this amount, only $1,000 in attorney fees is paid up front, plus the filing fee and costs for counseling/debtor education. Thus your total Chapter 13 down payment is $1,281.00. The balance of our attorney fees is then paid through your reorganization plan.
Note: If you case needs to be RUSHED, we charge a rush fee of an additional $400.

Our Attorney fees include:

  • Meeting with you and giving legal advice about your bankruptcy;
  • Preparing the petition and schedules for filing with the Court;
  • All correspondence and communication with creditors and the bankruptcy trustees
  • Representing you at the “341 hearing;” and Confirmation hearings for Chapter 13s.
  • Avoiding (getting rid of) any judgment lien on your homestead, as well as the usual “non-purchase money” liens taken by small loan companies on your exempt personal property. (One Motion included in the fee, $25 for each additional)

We charge an additional $30.00 fee to add creditor(s) after your Bankruptcy has been filed. This includes both the court’s filing fee and our mailing costs.

Please note : Most of our bankruptcy practice is within the Northern District of Oklahoma , and the above fees are based upon this location. The Northern District of Oklahoma includes the counties of Craig, Creek, Delaware, Nowata, Mayes, Osage, Ottawa, Pawnee, Rogers, Tulsa and Washington. However, if you live in the Eastern District of Oklahoma (for example, Okmulgee County, Muskogee County, Wagoner County, Cherokee County) and need to do a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, we’ll charge you an additional $100.00 because of the attorney travel time involved.