Professional all the way

We were very pleased with all the information and help along the way. The service that his staff gave us was first rate. Everytime we called with questions they always took the time to give us the answers we needed. He has helped us through a very tough situation and I am very thankful.

– John (5 star review)

Advice regarding Foreclosure

I went to Paul to consider filing bankruptcy in regard to the foreclosure I’m facing. I’d been stressed so bad regarding what to do as far as the foreclosure. Paul gave me the advice I needed to ease my mind that I needed for the last year. Being alone in this situation is hard when you have no one to help with answers. Paul was great. He answered everything from bankruptcy, foreclosure, to how it would affect my taxes. Thank you Paul. Highly recommend.

– Diedrie (5 star review)


Tom did a superb job for our company,totally recommend him for any of your tax issues. We received a tremendous offer in compromise from the IRS do to Tom’s great preparation of our case.

– Todd (5 star review)


My CPA referred me to Paul Tom and having Paul handle my delinquent tax issue was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Paul told me upfront what his fees were, led me through the process, and delivered a better result than I thought was possible. He took my tax issue that was over $500,000.00 and negotiated it down to around $5,000.00. Paul was personable, caring, knowledgeable, and professional. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is serious about taking care of old tax issues.

– Craig (5 star review)


He did a great job and expedited my claim keeping the banksters at bay, everything went smoothly and his office staff was friendly. Thanks Tom

– David (5 star review)

How Paul Tom saved my life

I was referred to Paul Tom in 2009 after my business collapsed and I was facing nearly $1 million dollars of debt to the IRS, OTC and credit cards. Paul referred me to an Accountant who was able to, with Paul’s help, file my unfilled taxes. Paul helped give me the strength to face my financial problems head on instead of running from them. His guidance and advice through the Bankruptcy process helped me not only put my problems behind me but allowed me and my family to start a new life together.

I tried to run away twice from my money problems before meeting Paul Tom. He calmly explained my options and reassured me that we would get through this. As a result I now work at home for my wife in a business that we share. I couldn’t be happier today especially given the short amount of time it took for me to get my life back on track. None of that would have been possible without Paul Tom’s moral support , advice and counsel.

When I finally admitted my problems to my loved ones my brother called some of his friends and asked them who I should turn to. They all said that the best person for the job was Paul Tom. I never contacted anyone else and can’t image how badly things could have turned out if it hadn’t been for all that Paul did for me, my family and everyone who loves me. I am truly blessed to have Paul Tom as a trusted adviser and friend.

– Randy (5 star review)

High Recommendation

The purpose of this memo is to express my appreciation for attorney Paul Tom and to recommend him to anyone experiencing difficulties with the Internal Revenue Service. He is a very good listener who showed empathy, compassion and support for me during the IRS struggles I was undergoing.

Paul was successful in dealing with the IRS on my behalf. He demonstrated an in depth knowledge of the tax code and the inter-workings of the IRS.

Paul was very professional and a true gentleman in all of his dealings with me. Despite the extent of my problems with the IRS, he was never judgmental and always supportive. Without hesitation, I recommend him to anyone in need of relief from tax problems.


– Tom Thralls (5 star review)

Excellent Tax Representation

Our company and several of its employees were targeted by the IRS. Collectively we were the subject of more audits than you could count on two hands, spanning the course of 4 years. Mr. Tom was very good at sorting through the maze of IRS regulations and working through each audit to ensure the best results. In the end, out tax liability was a small fraction of what the IRS initially said that we owed. Mr. Tom demonstrated a professional, respectful working relationship with members of the IRS, while representing us with a firm stance backed by knowledge and experience. I highly recommend Mr. Tom and will not hesitate to hire him in the future.

– Anonymous (5 star review)

Grateful client

When I called the office of Paul R. Tom I had contacted several attorneys regarding a problem I did not have the knowledge to solve. I was told by the others that I would need to pay several thousand dollars at the time of the first interview and make arrangements to pay the balance at that time. When I spoke to the secretary at Mr. Tom’s office, she said I should make an appointment to speak with Mr. Tom and, with his input, decide what was best in my situation. The result of the interview was a course of action tailored for and completely acceptable for my situation. I have since, and will continue to recommend Mr. Tom to all who contact me. Thank you Mr. Paul Tom.

– Larry (5 star review)

Great attorney during a stressful time!

My husband and I were referred to Paul several years ago to assist with some tax issues associated with our business closing. It was a very stressful time that went on for several years. Paul was not only a great attorney but a good friend who helped us through a life changing event. We would highly recommend his firm and staff.

– Anonymous (5 star review)

Great source for advice outside my area of expertise

I am an attorney and have consulted Mr. Tom a number of times on tax and bankruptcy issues in my own family law practice. He is more than competent and professional.

– Anonymous (5 star review)