Why Do I Need A Bankruptcy Attorney?

by Paul R. Tom Basic Bankruptcy Information, Myths and FAQs

You have the right to represent yourself before the bankruptcy court. However, bankruptcy is a complicated procedure requiring attention to detail and knowledge of bankruptcy laws in order to achieve the best outcome. The laws are complex and subject to change. A single mistake can cause major legal and financial problems for you. A bankruptcy lawyer can advise and assist you by analyzing your individual circumstances and preferences, prepare necessary documents, help you make informed decisions, and represent you at the Meeting of Creditors.

Perhaps you have considered using a paralegal or typing service. A paralegal or typing service, although offering somewhat lower rates, is absolutely prohibited from advising you on the law or representing you in any bankruptcy proceedings. A bankruptcy attorney, on the other hand, can advise you on the law, go to court with you, and easily handle those “difficult” creditors for you.