What Debts Can’t Be Eliminated In Bankruptcy?

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Although the type of debts which can be eliminated in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 are quite different, certain debts cannot be discharged in either proceeding – for example, debts such as child support, support alimony, property settlements, criminal fines/restitution, and damages arising from drunk driving. However, you may be able to repay obligations of these types in a Chapter … Read More

General Federal Bankruptcy Information Sheet

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HAPPENS IN A BANKRUPTCY CASE. THE INFORMATION HERE IS NOT COMPLETE. WHEN YOU FILE BANKRUPTCY: You can choose the kind of bankruptcy that best meets your needs: Chapter 7 – A trustee is appointed to take over your non-exempt property. Any non-exempt property of value will be sold or … Read More

At Your First Appointment

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Your initial consultation is free. We review your financial situation for you and explain exactly which debts are dischargeable and which are not. If you then choose not to file, we won’t charge you for the initial consultation (it’s free). If you choose to file, we’ll explain all of the costs involved and make sure you understand the process. After … Read More

Starting The Bankruptcy Process

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Call LEGACY LAW CENTER at 918-743-2000 (Tulsa), 918-342-9188 (Claremore), or call toll free at 1-800-792-0929. The legal assistant will schedule a convenient appointment for you and ask you to bring in certain information and documents and you’ll meet with the Attorney for a free consultation. If you choose to go forward after consultation, you’ll pay the agreed upon fee and we will get … Read More

Why Do I Need A Bankruptcy Attorney?

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You have the right to represent yourself before the bankruptcy court. However, bankruptcy is a complicated procedure requiring attention to detail and knowledge of bankruptcy laws in order to achieve the best outcome. The laws are complex and subject to change. A single mistake can cause major legal and financial problems for you. A bankruptcy lawyer can advise and assist … Read More

What is a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

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Chapter 13 is a type of federal bankruptcy proceeding available to individuals and sole proprietorship businesses used to reorganize or eliminate debt. You file a repayment plan with the bankruptcy court that provides for you to pay all, or a percentage, of your debts, usually over a three to five year period. The repayment plan, also called the “Chapter 13 … Read More