I Owe the IRS – What Now?

by Tom Zeiders Taxes and the IRS, Zeiders Law Firm Blog

“HELP! I owe back taxes” is something we hear quite frequently. The taxpayer has put off dealing with the IRS and didn’t owe that much to begin with but after months or even years of interest and penalties accumulating, the amount seems insurmountable. Add to that the stress from going to the mailbox each day anticipating a letter from the … Read More

The Bankruptcy Discharge War

by Paul R. Tom Zeiders Law Firm Blog

I just finished my third article in a series titled “THE BANKRUPTCY DISCHARGE WAR”.  If you’re interested in what’s happening in this rapidly changing area of the law, I invite you to read my articles.  I’ve spent 25 years of my career studying the ins and outs of discharging taxes in bankruptcy.  If you have tax debts that you think … Read More

Important Update on the IRS Phone Scam

by Paul R. Tom Taxes and the IRS, Zeiders Law Firm Blog

About a year ago, I posted a message in my blog about an IRS phone scam that’s bilked honest taxpayers out of millions of dollars in the past few years.  The phone scammers try to sound real official, and they threaten all sorts of dire consequences, including arrest and prosecution, if the taxpayer doesn’t cough up the money.  If the taxpayer doesn’t … Read More

Beware of the Bankruptcy Con Game

by Paul R. Tom Zeiders Law Firm Blog

A colleague of mine recently sent me a copy of an article published by the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys.  The article piqued my interest because although my law practice is focused primarily on taxpayer defense, I do file a fair number of consumer bankruptcies on behalf of my clients. The con-men and con-women running this latest bankruptcy scam … Read More

Identity Theft—The IRS’s number one problem

by Paul R. Tom Myths and FAQs, Taxes and the IRS, Zeiders Law Firm Blog

When a thief steals an individual’s identity, the thief can ruin the individual’s credit, drain the individual’s bank accounts AND fool IRS into giving the thief a large tax refund.  Identity theft refund fraud (“IDT refund fraud”) has grown exponentially over the last several years, creating a boon for crooks and a multi-BILLION dollar headache for IRS.  IRS estimated for a … Read More

Discharging Income Taxes in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

by Paul R. Tom Zeiders Law Firm Blog

Throughout most of my 30+ year career, I have been interested in how a taxpayer can legally discharge federal and state income tax debts in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.  You may have been told that income taxes cannot be discharged in bankruptcy.  You may even have been told this by a lawyer.  I can assure you that this statement is not … Read More

The Truth About IRS Offer in Compromise Settlements—Cutting through the media hype

by Paul R. Tom Myths and FAQs, Taxes and the IRS, Zeiders Law Firm Blog

I’m sure that everyone reading this has heard on radio or seen on TV the advertisements in which the 1-800 tax settlement companies boast about getting very favorable IRS Offer in Compromise settlements for their clients.  I’m sure the statements are entirely true, but they are also misleading.  The 1-800 company suggests that since the smiling couple in the TV … Read More