Important Update on the IRS Phone Scam

by Paul R. Tom Taxes and the IRS, Zeiders Law Firm Blog

About a year ago, I posted a message in my blog about an IRS phone scam that’s bilked honest taxpayers out of millions of dollars in the past few years.  The phone scammers try to sound real official, and they threaten all sorts of dire consequences, including arrest and prosecution, if the taxpayer doesn’t cough up the money.  If the taxpayer doesn’t answer the call, the scammers leave a thretening voice message and a call back number.

Five individuals were recently arrested by the Feds in Miami for allegedly running one of these phone scams.  The five were charged with wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud.  J. Russell George, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration reported that the five alleged criminals scammed about 1,500 victims for nearly 2 million dollars.

I have personally never received one of these calls but a bunch of my clients and friends have, and recently, one of my employees received a voice mail from one of these would-be-scammers.  My employee saved the message and I’m pleased to post it here as a public service warning to all taxpayers. Don’t fall for this scam!

P.S.  Mr. “John White” calling from a Grapevine, Texas phone number:  I’m glad I’m able to assist you in achieving your fifteen minutes of infamy.  I hope you get caught soon.  Have fun in jail.